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L.E.T.G.O. Program

Master Your Emotions

The L.E.T.G.O. Program uncovers limiting beliefs and teaches emotional mastery, transformation, the gift of forgiveness and opens your heart. This program is designed to take you deep into your belief system and create more awareness of your life and to LETGO of daily internal and physical struggles that prevent you from moving forward and achieving your goals.  

This program includes somatic techniques including breathwork and energy movement. Assignments that will address anger, resentments, and trauma held within our physical body. We will observe current relationships and how they mirror our beliefs and learn to gain awareness about different attachment styles. The heart of this program is finding the core belief that is hindering our growth and learning how to LET GO! On a client-to-client basis, we will delve into anxiety, depression, and/or stress and how they relate to issues such as focusing, perfectionism, and feelings of overwhelm. By the end of working together you will understand the root causes of anxiety, depression, and stress and how they manifest into your life and be given the tools so that they no longer have power over you. 


The L.E.T.G.O. Program is a 3 month commitment where you get to unlock the best version of yourself.


Does this speak to you? Contact me for more information, questions and pricing on this program. 

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