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Hi, I'm Gina!

Holistic Healer and
Transformational Guide

In 2019, I thought I knew my life’s trajectory. I earned a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Addiction, but also started the darkest spiritual and emotional journey I’d ever been on.


While the next two years brought me to my knees, they also led me to the strongest and most beautiful version of myself.


I worked with a variety of healing modalities that transformed and guided my life. I’ve completed a handful of holistic certifications, and created a daily practice with those healing modalities such as meditation, visualizations, inner child work, trauma, shadow work, somatic breathwork, Reiki and others.

My methods are grounded, safe, and full of love. I am here to serve you and guide your path to love and freedom. 


"You don't become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by entering the darkness where it begins."

-Carl Jung

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