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A different approach to mental health

 Learn to master your emotions

Do you feel overwhelmed at times, feeling stuck, lacking control, or lack interest in the things in your life. If you are feeling this, it could be tied to anxiety and depression.

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Did you know that feelings of anxiety and depression are directly correlated to the emotions that are suppress and store within our bodies? Low back pain, pressure in the chest, scratchy throat, headaches, and gut health are just a few of the things that can be caused by stagnant emotions.

If you relate to ANY of this or if this sparks your interest, you would be perfect for the L.E.T.G.O. program.

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Holistic Healer and Transformational Guide

In 2019, I thought I knew my life’s trajectory. I earned a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Addiction, but also started the darkest spiritual and emotional journey I’d ever been on. While the next two years brought me to my knees, they also led me to the strongest and most beautiful version of myself. I worked with a variety of healing modalities that transformed and guided my life. I’ve completed a handful of holistic certifications, and created a daily practice with those healing modalities such as meditation, visualizations, inner child work, trauma, shadow work, somatic breathwork, Reiki and others.

My methods are grounded, safe, and full of love. I am here to serve you and guide your path to love and freedom. 

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Helping to heal and visualize your future


L.E.T.G.O - Tackle Limiting Beliefs, Emotional Mastery, Transform your life, Gift yourself forgiveness, and Open your Heart


Feeling Stuck, lost or unhappy in life? Seeking purpose or understanding? Wanting to free yourself from old beliefs or past relationships? I've created a safe space for healing and change to take place at an accelerated rate. I can help you release years of trauma and learn to love yourself again.

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Imagine stepping into and conquering the things that hold you back in life with other individuals that are on the same path. This group is designed to help you learn how to share vulnerably and communicate with others in a safe container.

Next Group Launches FEBRUARY 2023

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Our bodies are the most intelligent and sacred vessel we have in life. If we learn to listen, they can give us valuable information about the present and past. Let me guide you through a breathwork session that will connect your body, mind, and soul while naturally releasing stored energy.

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"You don't become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by entering the darkness where it begins."

Carl Jung

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